Looking for Low Mile Per Gallon Vehicles?

Check out Automarketdealer.com for low mile per gallon cars. Did you know…the difference between a car that gets 20 MPG and one that gets 30 MPG amounts to $963 per year (assuming 15,000 miles of driving annually and a fuel cost of $3.85).

That’s $4,813 extra in fuel costs over five years!


Is 2011…Electric?

Is 2011 the year of the Electric Car? 2011 is set to bring new innovations in the auto industry including many new versions of electric cars. The electric car is not new to the auto industry but it is ‘new’ to  our 21st Century consciousness. Stay tuned for more on ‘what’s new’ in the auto world!

Your car business is Our car business!

Why buy your car at a local auto dealer?

Something to consider during these economic times that you may not have thought of…your local economy and the positive impact you can have when you focus your auto purchasing close to home. Your sales tax dollars from the purchase of your car can assist with the economic stability of your local community. In other words, your car business is our car business!

Supporting the local economy is crucial. Cities are facing multiple financial challenges over the next few years. The financial health of all the local governments, businesses and families in your county are directly related to the amount of sales tax generated from purchases within each of the cities. By educating ourselves on what products and services are offered within are community we can make informed purchases that directly impact ourselves and our neighbors. Often we choose to shop elsewhere for goods and services because we are unsure about the direct link of the product to our local economy. But, it is clear what happens when buying from local auto dealers. The cars are considered a local purchase!

These auto sales tax dollars help support local services that contribute to all of our residents’ quality of life. Better streets, safer neighborhoods, nicer parks, etc.  – all these things are paid for, in part, by sales tax revenue. When you shop in a different county or state for your car you are paying for the improvement to another communty.

So, please partner with your local auto dealers to buy your cars locally and keep the local economic engine running with a healthy hum!

It’s time to winterize your car!

Simple Tips for Safe and Swanky Winter Driving

Let’s face it summer is over and we live in the great northwest where winter driving can be a major hassle, if not downright hazardous, but taking a few simple steps to prepare your car for the weather can make your time and my time on the road safer and more enjoyable. Here are some simple tips for preparing your car for the winter season:

1. Check your tires, always roll with good rubber…

You gotta have grip! Take a look at the grooves in your tires and make sure that the tire has not worn down. If you know you’ll be driving in snow and ice, consider buying a good set of winter tires.  

Snow tires make life easier. And if you are one of those folks who hits the road during the stormy season, you should invest in snow tires mounted on some inexpensive wheels. You can find these at your local auto dealer.

2. Keeping clean and tidy inside that ride…

Try this! Replace your nice carpet floor mats with rubber all weather mats. Those nice carpet mats will look awful after only one winter of living under the muck on your shoes. Go buy yourself some all weather mats and save your nice carpeted mats for the joys of summer.

3. You gotta see and/or you wanna be seen…

A good practice is to replace your windshield wipers at the end of every winter. The cold temperatures and all their associated elements will crack and tear the rubber blades on your wipers. By replacing your wipers at the end of the winter, you get a nice, fresh view for the spring, summer and fall. By winter after only light use they should hold up well to the challenges of the winter conditions.

During the winter you should also check your washer fluid. It’s especially important if you are going on a long trip to make sure you have a spare gallon of washer fluid in your trunk in case you run low.

4. The stuff to check out…

Your car’s engine performs differently during the winter, especially in very cold conditions. You or your mechanic should check the belts, hoses, battery and coolant. Also consult your owner’s manual to see if they recommend using lower weight oil during cold months.

5. The heart of the matter…

No juice, no go! Ever notice that your battery loves to die when you can least afford it too? The chill of winter can reduce the battery power by up to 50%. If your battery is older than three years, its a good idea to have it tested by your local auto dealer. Also, give attention to the posts and connections to make sure they are free of corrosion.

6. If all else fails and you have an emergency…

What you have with you can make the difference between a fun story to share over cocktails and a nightmare. So, consider having the following items in your car for those unexpected moments: a flashlight with spare batteries; an ice scraper / brush for clearing your windshield; a set of jumper cables; a spare jacket, blanket and work gloves. Its also a great idea to carry a cell phone. Being able to call for help from your car is a big advantage over flagging down another car, or walking to get help.

A final comment…We are only 6 months from the start of summer!!

Thanks for reading and drive safely!

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